SOme Recent Projects

Set up of a new Co-working space - 8 month project from design to operation. Sales strategy, product definition, full operational and facilities set up, implementation of 12 integrated systems from website enquiry capture to client contract, accounts package, marketing system, payment collections, bank integration and customer management system with customer portal for online management, view bills, book meeting rooms, buy services. Wifi and security with visitor management and door entry fully integrated to allow reception to be unmanned. Retained client.

Existing Multi location operator - migration of business management system, audit of clients and contracts. new Customer Management system implemented and integrated with accounts, billing and automated payment collection. Integrated with wifi to manage client and guest wifi. Client saw an increase in deals closed and a reduction in client debt as a result of the project.  Full Compliance Package delivered - retained client

Supply of key operations management documentation, operational manual, staff handbook, staff induction and development, H&S and compliance (money laundering and suspicious activity) including full documents packs and training all employees for directors to reception teams.

Software development - We have worked with key providers to the flexible workspace sector to develop their product offering, function and support documentation to improve the customer and staff experience. 

Design, configuration, space planning, feasibility study and defining the product offering and brand for a several new entrant in to the Flexible Workspace sector across the UK.  Each one has it's own identify to fit the local market and make the most of the building.

A number of Compliance audits and updating of Policy documents and team training to meet the new HMRC Interim Guidance issued in May 2017

Opstech Services will conduct a comprehensive review of your systems, processes and information gaps.  The same principle is applied to review business systems, service providers and your Compliance Policy. 

Professional Experience

We identify technology, training, and processes to take your operations and service team to the next level. We take into account your business culture and people to design the best solution for your business.

Opstech Services continues to work with you, supporting your team and continually monitoring Key Performance Indicators adjusting strategies and providing further training as needed.

We work with your people deliver project. We will bring in different members of the Opstech team throughout the project to enable you to benefit from our combined skills and experience.



Scope & PLAN


specialists in Flexible Workspace provision and growth




We provide strategic advice and support to business owners and operators within the Flexible Workspace sector.

Over the past 2 years we have worked with new entrants to the market as they open new workspaces on all elements from spaceplanning and fit out to the systems that manage clients and billing.  

We have also implemented change projects with operators who needed a technology refresh and provided training in a number of areas including operational process and Compliance.

  • Define scope and project manage new flexible workspace openings
  • Implement Business Systems for Sales CRM, Operations & Billing
  • Technology review - Voice and Data services
  • On-site audits - standards, compliance, process
  • Know Your Customer - Implement Compliance 
  • Training Services - Operations, Sales, systems and compliance
  • Strategic advice and Team Development 

Our team have worked Operations, Sales, IT&Systems and Compliance, with a combined experience of over 40 years providing services to clients and Operators in the Flexible Workspace sector, including MWB, Avanta, Regus and i2Office.  We have delivered system change projects and opened new buildings in the UK and Europe.

Having worked together in sector we followed different paths to fulfil our build our expertise in different key areas but all retain the same down to earth approach to solving problems and delivering the best solutions we can.

One passion we share is using technology to enhance business operations, linking systems and making sure that the information collected is utilised. We work with software providers to develop their software as businesses evolve. We practical and focused and enjoying seeing the synergies grow.

With regards to Compliance, 2 of the team have held positions of Compliance and Nominated Officer at 2 of the leading workspace providers and have built good relationships with HMRC and Trading Standards.

We have built a network of trusted partners over the years who we work with to provide all elements operate a flexible workspace; business systems, design drawings, furniture, AV, IT services and security.  We advise on which combination will best meet your requirements to fulfil your business objectives and maintain the culture of your workspace.  We integrate service providers reduce admin time and build better reporting.